t heislen

Happy New Year!


We hope the beginning of 2014 finds all of you well and looking ahead with hope for the days ahead!
The Christmas Freebie, "Solstice Carol," will be up 'til January 6th, so download and share now if you haven't yet. 
And, in case you hadn't heard, you can now order physical CDs as well as downloads (in the format of your choice!) at bandcamp.
The coming year may see fewer live appearances (the logistics of some extra extra-musical responsibilities, y'know...), but we'll do our best to make up for it with more online content--I'm afraid we've neglected our far-flung friends a bit in the past, but we'll do better!
Our collaborations with Greyhound Adoption League of Texas and H4 will be stepping up this year - watch for news very soon!
The best way to follow all this?  Subscribe to our newsletter (monthly with occasional exta updates-we promise not to abuse your inbox!) on the home page, or @theislen on twitter are probably the most reliable. 
Lastly, thanks again to everyone who came to a show, listened online, downloaded a song or watched a video in the last year - you're the reason for all this!



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