t heislen
Yes, there is a Summer freebie, up for a little longer here .  "We Thirst" has been a favorite at live shows for a while now - it was written last Summer, very much not the product of spontaneous inspiritation: my first intention was to try to think/write in a mindset akin to the Psalmists (and then come up with suitable music to match, but that came quickly in this case...).  From that perspective, what would the subject matter be?  Economic justice is always on my mind, and so the plight of the American worker became the starting point, working into a metaphor of sojourners in the desert, turned out when no longer needed by the overlords they had served.  Since then, it's been easy to apply the lyric to far too many situations in our world, including some that fit the text all too literally.  Whatever it may bring to your mind, I hope that it does speak to you in these days.  Shalom.


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