t heislen
As promised, "Solstice Carol" returns as a freebie for this Christmas.  We decided to do a new recording (in haste and borrowed quiet: mockingbirds and children cooperate for only so long) as last year's was done with the ink still wet, and I think I know a little better how it goes now!  (Those with last year's version may play musicologist and assess the evolution of the arrangement...)
And yes, the lyric is political - the stories remembered by various faith traditions in this time have some similar concerns, and though this text is tied to the Christian narrative (specifically Luke), the hope is that it gives some small voice to the "reasons for the season" - the radical reordering that the commercial onslaught would have us forget.  So, thanks as always for listening - our wish is that it will be a small call to hope and be the change in these days.

link: reverbnation.com/q/5f4pkx 



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