t heislen
So the (late) Fall Freebie will be around a little longer - if you haven't listened to the "Winter's Dawn" demo yet, I hope you'll take the time to check it out - first up on the homepage player, or here.  This one started out with the schedule of a former workplace - in the Winter, I'd be on my way there on my heavier days with the sunrise in my left window, and then the orange, cold sunset likewise in the evening.  "Orange sun, through bare trees..."  The rest comes out of thinking about the world encountered in between, with a little debt to holy persons of various persuations, and maybe the odd (or very odd) English poet.
The music started out with looking to write something in double drop-D to play alongside "Balsa."  I began by learning to play a couple of songs by a certain master fingerpicker (figuring I could at least work on my playing along the way) -- take this part and switch it around that way, add this, and hey, that sounds like that lyric I've got sitting on the desk...a few additions and adjustments, and "Winter's Dawn" came together.  It's fun (and still a bit of a challenge) to play, and I hope it speaks to you - as always, thanks for listening (and reading), and hope to see or hear from you soon!



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