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Yes, there is a Summer freebie, up for a little longer here .  "We Thirst" has been a favorite at live shows for a while now - it was written last Summer, very much not the product of spontaneous inspiritation: my first intention was to try to think/write in a mindset akin to the Psalmists (and then come up with suitable music to match, but that came quickly in this case...).  From that perspective, what would the subject matter be?  Economic justice is always on my mind, and so the plight of the American worker became the starting point, working into a metaphor of sojourners in the desert, turned out when no longer needed by the overlords they had served.  Since then, it's been easy to apply the lyric to far too many situations in our world, including some that fit the text all too literally.  Whatever it may bring to your mind, I hope that it does speak to you in these days.  Shalom.

Spring Update


First, thanks to everyone who attended the Tammy Long benefit at Generator Coffee, and to Lindsey and all at the Gen for hosting - it was a great evening of music and friendship.

Spring has arrived, and we're happy to say that with the warm-up we're getting a few more chances to get out and play!  This very Friday, April 4th, we're back on the Garland Square at Generator Coffee , starting at the family-friendly hour of 6:30pm, so round up the crew and join us.  On the far side of the holi-/holy days, we return to Lake Highlands and White Rock Coffee  on Friday the 25th at 8pm.  The next day, we'll be picnicing with our friends from Greyhound Adoption League of Texas at Unity Park in Highland Village, for their 13th birthday celebration - food, hounds, music, and more!  On Friday, May 2nd, we'll make our first 2014 visit to North Dallas' Coffee House Cafe  (srsly, it's been that long?) for a big evening starting at 7pm.

News coming soon about new opportunities to combine music and giving, and be on the lookout for a tax-day freebie (April 15 for our non-US friends).  Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Happy New Year!


We hope the beginning of 2014 finds all of you well and looking ahead with hope for the days ahead!
The Christmas Freebie, "Solstice Carol," will be up 'til January 6th, so download and share now if you haven't yet. 
And, in case you hadn't heard, you can now order physical CDs as well as downloads (in the format of your choice!) at bandcamp.
The coming year may see fewer live appearances (the logistics of some extra extra-musical responsibilities, y'know...), but we'll do our best to make up for it with more online content--I'm afraid we've neglected our far-flung friends a bit in the past, but we'll do better!
Our collaborations with Greyhound Adoption League of Texas and H4 will be stepping up this year - watch for news very soon!
The best way to follow all this?  Subscribe to our newsletter (monthly with occasional exta updates-we promise not to abuse your inbox!) on the home page, or @theislen on twitter are probably the most reliable. 
Lastly, thanks again to everyone who came to a show, listened online, downloaded a song or watched a video in the last year - you're the reason for all this!


Summer Freebie!


The long-promised Summer freebie has arrived - please avail yourself of this demo version of "Junkman," a recently added live fave.  It'll be up 'til Labor Day, so spread the word and enjoy!
Junkman demo

Got bandcamp!



We're pleasd to announce that "High Mileage" and "Demonstrator" are now available on bandcamp, which offers downloads in a variety of formats (including lossless, such as FLAC, AIFF and .wav, in addition to .mp3) with album art and all metadata, at a great low price.  If downloads are your way to go, you gotta go bandcamp!

We've posted a free download for Valentine's Day -  a demo of the new song "Two Into One"              Just click the download button on the homepage player, and enjoy!  It'll be up through 2/17.

Recovering nicely from recent health issues - news coming on a number of fronts, so check back soon!


High Mileage, the new release from t heislen,  is now live on Spotify!!

You can also find it and Demonstrator, the six-song EP, at "Holidays for the Hounds," the Christmas Store of our friends at Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, December weekends at The Plaza at Preston Center in Dallas, where you can also find for sale a wall hanging and bed runner by the Executive Producer herownself, profits from all of which help to benefit this great charity!!
It's still a work in progress, so please be patient as we get things sorted out.  Meanwhile, please explore the links, play songs on the player, look up shows and so on.  We'll do our best to keep things here up to date!